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Itsy Favours

A custom, responsive eCommerce website including branding, photography, and SEO campaigns.

The Brief

Itsy needed a website to sell their products, but that's not all they needed. A big section of the brief was to engage with a specific target audience ( females aged between 24 and 36 ), and to hopefully inspire those interested in having wedding favours at their big day.

Itsy will not be attending wedding fayres, so they needed a social media campaign organising and organic SEO campaigns to target all those brides who head straight over to Google and other popular search engines.

Itsy  Inspiration 188  Highres

The Outcome

The eCommerce is using Stripe, and the Content Management System we used was Expression Engine. To inspire and engage with the end user, we helped Itsy with the photography and brand direction. An inspiration page was created to offer the viewer galleries of different ideas of wedding tables, how to arrange the table and what gifts they could personalise to make everything match their individual wedding theme.

This custom section lets users view beautifully shot images, and hover over products within the picture - allowing them to purchase as they navigate through the site.

Itsy Imac

200% increase in traffic within first month of launch

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Mobile & Tablet Website Design

A female orientated target audience meant that we had to design and build the website in a certain, with complimenting colours and product options. Stats also show that a higher percentage of these users will navigate on a iPhone or iPad rather than a desktop computer.

Itsy Ipad
Mobile Experience Optimised for mobile devices to make navigation easier
Itsy Iphone 01
Itsy Iphone 02
Itsy Iphone 03
Itsy Feature 01
Inspiration Hover

Inspiring customers to buy products is very important, and we have built a bespoke page up-selling products throughout their journey.

Itsy Feature 02
Bespoke Blog

Integrated into the CMS, Itsy take full advantage of a custom blog enabling them to time posts, so that they publish at a certain date / time.

Itsy Feature 03
Share With Disqus

End users are allowed to comment on blog posts which enhances the google ranking of the website.

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