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Craft CMS is our choice of content management system (CMS), that puts you in control of your content & layout.

We don’t like putting restrictions on what you can do with your own website, this is why we chose Craft CMS to put you in full control. Allowing you to update your website quicker than most other commercial CMS platforms. Meaning you can spend more time focussing on other parts of your business.

Craft CMS Verified Partner
Craft Commerce Verified
We're proud to be recognised as a verified Craft CMS and Craft Commerce partner.

Craft states that a Craft Verified Partner has proven Craft CMS development experience, deep knowledge of Craft and exhibits professional and reliable business practices. You can put your trust in our team of Craft experts and have faith that you're working with an agency who knows Craft CMS and who has been reviewed by Pixel & Tonic themselves.

The team go through some new website witreframes

Craft works with loads of plugins

Campaign Monitor
Craft CMS developers you can trust
Jason points towards the laptop during a meeting

We’re a team of 11 based in Manchester, UK working with clients all over the world.

We handle every project in-house, we don't outsource anything.

A web design agency you can trust
Websites that are SEO friendly
Regular updates through the project
A team of experts to help support after launch
Flexible payment plans available
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Full service digital agency in Manchester

If you’re searching for a trustworthy web design agency who can handle a project from start to finish, then we think you're in the right place. Using our years of Craft CMS expertise, we can design and build unique websites tailored to your needs - making sure it’s secure, robust and looks great.

We can also handle SEO and hosting, and build a long-term relationship through Shape Support; improving and adapting your site as your business changes.

Design Build Illustration
Design and build exactly what you need.
No restrictions allow us to future proof your site from design to development.
Good Content Illustration
Easily create and manage your brand content.
We provide training to you on how to update the CMS quickly and easily.
Scale Illustration
Secure, scalable, and supported
A trusted community of professional developers with robust support and various plugins already available.
A team of experts that can help you design and build a website you’re proud of
Craft CMS Websites
Design, Development, Responsive and Testing. We can help through the full process no matter of scale.
Word Press logo
WordPress Migrations
Dislike Wordpress? So do we. Let's migrate your existing website from wordPress to Craft CMS.
Craft CMS Hosting
Having the correct server setup is important, we can handle setup, deployments and hosting maintenance.
Craft CMS Multisite
Have the ability to publish content across multiple websites at the click of a button through shared templates.
Craft Maintenance
We can handle your existing project. Keep your Craft CMS website up to date and error free.
Multilingual Websites
Perfect for websites that need different languages.

It's not just us who love Craft CMS, these companies use it too

Moz Black
Bright leaf
Agatha christie
Salesforce Black
We asked some of our clients whether they prefer Craft CMS or Wordpress
Alliance square logo purple
Property Alliance Group
"Definitely Craft CMS. It's so much easier and quicker to update the website. And we also have more flexibility in terms of what we can edit. I will never go back to using Wordpress"
Painters world logo square yellow
Painters World
"Editing the website in Craft CMS is a pain free experience. I would highly recommend Craft CMS for your next website"
Itsy Favours
"I'm able to create landing pages for PPC myself without having to contact Shape, this is a huge benefit to our business. And saves so much time and money"

Listen to what our clients have to say about working with us

Let's point out some geeky bits that we like about Craft CMS
Custom Fields
Set up custom fields based on your content’s specific needs. Choose from a huge variety of built-in and plugin-supplied field types.
Section Types
Not all content is created equal. Craft comes with three types of sections that let you manage your entries differently depending on your use case.
Relate your entries, categories, tags, assets, users, and even plugin-supplied element types, using Craft’s powerful relationship system.
Categories & Tags
Keeping things organized in Craft is easy with its built-in category and tag support.
Manage the content for multiple related websites from a single Craft installation.
All of your site’s content can be localized to target specific languages and territories – from the URLs down to your custom field values.
Manage your Craft CMS website.
Live Preview
See how your content will look right as you type with Live Preview, and share in-progress drafts with others using private preview URLs.
Asset Management
Craft comes with desktop-class asset management built-in. Define volumes and subfolders, and view your files in list or thumbnail views.
Image Editor
Crop, rotate, flip, and straighten your photos right from within the Control Panel.
User Management
Define user groups, set permissions on groups or individual users, and optionally allow public user registration.
Each of your users get their own fully customizable dashboard, tailored to their needs.
Quicker Updating
Shape will keep Craft and your plugins up-to-date with the latest bug fixes and security enhancements if on a support plan.

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