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Pale Fox

Quick turnaround Shopify website for Pale Fox Prosecco.

Harry and his team at Pale Fox came to us with requesting a custom shopify build as it's cheaper and quicker to produce than a fully bespoke website. They needed the ability to purchase single products, as a pack and a subscription service, all possible via existing shopify plugins.

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Pale fox
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The benefits of shopify.

Working with a tight budget sometimes is difficult, but shopify is a great alternative. It allows us to take an existing template and customise as much as possible so it looks unique to that brand. Because the back end is already built - that means our developers work through a strict process so the project is streamlined, allowing for quicker delivery.

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A selection of plugins to choose from

Shopify has many plugins to choose from. Sometimes the client doesn't know which they need, so here at MadeByShape we suggest plugins they should have as mandatory, a list that a nice to haves, and also extra plugins they may have not thought about that either improve usability or decrease manual tasks. We're here to help, use our industry experience and provide that digital arm the client may need.

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