Millennium Care

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Millennium Care

Re-imagining the visual face of later life care

With a negative stigma around care homes, we wanted to challenge this idea and create a platform that represented the exceptional care Millennium is known for. With 7 homes across Lancashire and Greater Manchester, we supported Millennium Care by unpacking and refreshing critical elements of their brand, from colour, typography, and photography to user experience, structure, and content management system.

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Combining seven websites into one

The website further expands on the refreshed visual identity and brand language in a clean and engaging site. Straying away from the clinical and corporate feeling that Millennium's competitors hold, we aimed to create a platform that would have solid emotional appeal, effectively communicating delicate health topics all whilst accommodating all locations in the Millennium Care group that would blend seamlessly into one.

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Capturing real moments

We also worked on refreshing the brand through a carefully curated colour palette that aims to demonstrate the calming, positive emotions of later life care balanced against the sophisticated serif typeface. Pairing this with imagery to add credibility by capturing real moments on a day-to-day basis, we have successfully built a brand that's open, thoughtful, and relatable; offering a glimpse into a stable future.

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