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Skew Studio is a results-driven brand licensing agency based in London, UK

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Skew is a shift towards human-driven measured crafted creative, empowering leading brands across the globe. Oliver and his team asked us to craft their new web experience and aid them in a full re-brand.

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10 Weeks
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Helping Skew define their identity

We teamed up with Skew's team, helping them reposition themselves as innovative leaders within their industry. A bold mark, pattern, updated typography, and playful human elements underlined the visual change within the brand which was then translated across various touchpoints.

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A bespoke strategy leads to a bespoke website

Drawing back from our branding strategy we created a new distinctive website that aimed to push boundries. The website structure has been rearchitected to improve user experience and organic SEO, making the design more user-friendly, with clear touchpoints to drive users through the website.

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Freedom for all with Craft CMS

Skew wanted a CMS that would give them flexibility and control when it came to design and content, and Craft CMS does just that. With Craft, our developers can build with no limits, designing and building exactly what you need from the ground up. Ensuring we kept Skew's messaging and work centre stage, we added engaging animations and parallax scroll across the site to give a feeling of pace as users move through the site.

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