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Craft Commerce store for a family-run business

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Soaring the business to new heights through COVID

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As part of a larger group, Painters World is a family-run business stocking a wide range of high-quality painting and decorating products. Painters World came to us with a blank canvas, a startup wanting an engaging site that would align with a new brand identity.

Painters World
16 Weeks
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Simple and Functional eCommerce website

As part of the brief, we developed a visual identity with the aim of simplicity and functionality which would be the forefront of Painters World. Along with this, a new look and feel for the user experience of their site, which would integrate an engaging e-commerce experience.

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Don't overcomplicate user experience

Painters World runs on our bespoke eCommerce framework, built around Craft Commerce. This includes our custom-built, one page checkout for a seamless experience.

With repeat customers being a large chunk of their traffic, we have also included our front end account area where customers can save multiple addresses for checkout and reorder previously bought items with a single click of a button.

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