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Sacha Lord

Redefining Sacha Lord's visual narrative

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A personal brand overhaul for a defining part of the Manchester music + hospitality scene

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The challenge was two-fold: Represent Sacha properly, and authentically communicate his values. The goal was to build a personal brand that not only attracted clients and collaborators but also positioned Sacha as a thought leader in the ever-changing hospitality and music industry.

Sacha Lord
Personal Branding
12 Weeks
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Visual Identity

Representing Sacha Lord, properly

By strategically redefining Sacha's visual narrative, we carefully selected a refined but bold colour palette, typography, and graphic elements that not only mirrored the hustle and bustle of the industry, but also conveyed a sense of approachability.

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The Website

Explore and connect with Sacha on a deeper level

To maintain consistency, we ensured that the new identity extended seamlessly across the website, providing a cohesive experience for prospective partners. Blending featured business projects, involvements and charity endeavors with a creative flair, we added dynamic elements, such as animated graphics and video snippets, to add a layer of modernity and vibrancy to the brand.

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Leading with visuals

Photography and imagery became pivotal in the branding strategy. We curated a collection of visuals that told a story, capturing different facets of Sacha's works and involvements. Each image served as a piece in the larger narrative of the brand.

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