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A complete brand overhaul for a growing plasma donation brand

Olgam Life is a plasma donation company with a mission to the save lives of patients that rely on human-based therapies. With multiple locations across the US, Olgam approached us to help disrupt the corporate-led plasma donation market with a fresh and young brand.

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Defining a bold new identity

We developed a cohesive and comprehensive brand identity system that works seamlessly both on and offline, crafting a new illustration system, supporting iconography, adventurous colour palette, and bold typography that would elevate the brand across print and digital.

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Injecting humour through illustration

It was imperative that the updated visual identity needed to effectively represent the brand without losing the human touch of their young, relatable team. We created a series of humourous yet comforting illustrated characters in-house to represent key aspects of the brand that would be familiar to its audience. From sponge balls to rotational chairs and plasma bags, the end result was professional, yet playful with the flexibility to use these assets across print and digital.

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Embedding the Olgam ethos

The Olgam team across the pond allowed us creative freedom on the project which was welcomed with open arms. They didn't just want a new website, they wanted a brand with personality. We transformed Olgam Life from a bland, corporate jargon-filled business to a cohesive brand with meaning, identity and purpose.

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