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A talented bunch of
humans that love
what we do

Culture at Shape

A home away from home, a place where you can be who you want to be

We want all our team members to feel comfortable with whom they work with, in the environment they work, and with the clients we collaborate with. Our staff are trusted on their capabilities, and are given freedom to be creative.

Shape is a family of humans who are talented, trustworthy, and experienced.
We give honest advice to clients, and honest feedback internally to help our quality of work reach new levels each year.

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male:female ratio
Shape April 2022 HR 199
Our Culture

We’ve created an environment where everyone feels comfortable and open, but we can have a laugh along the way

We produce good work for good people, and with the idea that staff and the client will be happy throughout the full process. This in return will bring more work our way, whether that's via recommendation or further work for that client

My vision has always been to look after the clients we work with, but to also look after the staff just as much. That will get the best results for everyone.
Andy Golpys
Our Team

Don’t take our word for it, hear it from them

Feel the atmosphere

We’re not just the pixel pushers or tech wizards we look from the outside. We have talents, hobbies, aspirations, dreams - we're just a bunch of talented, creative people making great things together and having some fun along the way, and boy do we know how to have a laugh.

What’s important to us

We’re proud of the culture we’ve created

Careers at Shape

Want to join these beautiful humans?

Shape April 2022 HR 219
Shape April 2022 HR 216
Shape April 2022 HR 208
Shape April 2022 HR 204
Shape April 2022 HR 194
Shape April 2022 HR 202

A bit about our culture