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This is Digital

Complete brand overhaul for a digital performance agency

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A complete brand overhaul for a digital agency that gets results

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As their clients’ needs have evolved, This is Digital has evolved right along with them. This is Digital asked us to craft their brand identity and solidify it with a new digital experience to scale and represent the business they are today.

This Is Digital
12 Weeks
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With purpose

Defining a bold new identity

We defined a bold new identity to reflect the growth and energy that This is Digital is loaded with, while conveying approachability and excitement about their work. We created a visual language that captures the nature of the business by developing the logo, colour palette, typography, tone of voice, and visual style, which was then rolled out across various collateral.

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This is digital
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Bold, Clean & Engaging

We wanted to stand out from competitor sites and their very corporate traditional grid structured pages, all whilst offering a slick user experience which embodied the new visual language.

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From pitch decks to posters

This is Digital came with nothing. They allowed us creative freedom on the project which we welcomed with open arms. They didn't just want a logo, they wanted a brand. A brand that was cohesive, coherent, and consistent across all platforms. We created a supporting pitch deck translating their new identity which was not only informational but also engaging.

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