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Looking to work on a new website project? Or a new Branding project? But you have questions? No problem, here's some common questions that clients ask us.

We understand some brands are looking for a new branding/web agency to work with and have questions about aspects that went wrong in the previous project. Some clients have never worked on a creative project before. It's fine, don't worry...

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How long does a website project usually take to complete?

Timelines depend on the spec of the website project, but here's some guidelines...

Shopify projects usually take around 4 weeks.

Craft CMS projects usually take a minimum of 5 weeks.

Craft Commerce projects usually take a minimum of 8 weeks.

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How much does a website cost?

Unfortunately, we don't have set project prices. Every brief we work on has different requirements which alters the spec of the job. So, once we've received the brief - we can give you an indication of the cost and timescale.

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How easy is it for me to change content myself?

VERY EASY! We build every site with the client in mind, and that's to improve the ability for you to add new content, edit content, remove content very easily and very quickly. Adding content to your website should not be stressful. We also give you the ability to create new pages yourself. We don't charge per page, we charge for the spec of the project, and base it off what your business needs and will benefit from. Thereafter, you can create unlimited pages.

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Can I create PPC landing pages myself?

Yeh sure. If you have Google Ads as a strategy, or thinking of doing it in the future - this will be included in the brief and we will design a PPC specific landing page during the design phase. Once the website is live, you will then be able to add as many landing pages as you like, editing the URLs and page structure also if needed.

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We have a limited budget, will you still work with us?

We work with a range of clients - from start up brands through to large global organisations such as the NHS and Blackberry. Our mindset is that we want to work with clients of the same vision. If you want to improve your brand online, and understand the way we work - and the discussions are of mutual understanding - then we want to work with you. In terms of budget, the easiest way to find out if a project is possible... is to let us know what your budget is. That way, if we know the budget, we can advise the best way of spending your money. We wrote this article about the importance of a website budget a while back that is still relevant.

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Do you outsource any work?

The only aspects we outsource (but offer full project management to the client on) are:



Social Media Campaigns

Other Questions

What services do you offer?

We offer a full Branding service in-house here at Shape. We win awards for our websites, and in particular specialise in building websites in Craft CMS and Shopify. We also offer SEO, Hosting and Shape Support to look after your site once live.

Where are you based?

Our studio is based in Manchester, but we have clients all over the world.

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