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A complete brand overhaul for an architectural visualisation studio based in Genova, Italy.

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Forma Studio is a cutting-edge architectural visualisation studio that has successfully carved a niche in the industry by transforming architectural concepts into compelling visual narratives. We were tasked to completely overhaul the brand, as well as designing and building a new website in Craft CMS.

Forma Studio
12 Weeks
What we did

Bridging the gap between imagination and reality

The challenge was to establish Forma as a brand that not only delivered high-quality visuals but also conveyed the story behind each architectural creation. In an already saturated industry, we wanted to create an engaging brand that not only focused on technical accuracy but also emotional engagement.

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Forma logo
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A distinctive identity built to last

Forma underwent a complete visual overhaul, adopting a modern and dynamic logo that represented both innovation and creativity. The colour palette was carefully chosen to stand out within a sea of competitors, with a subtle nod to the studio's Italian roots.

Brand Guidelines in figma
The Website

A virtual showroom for Forma

A user-friendly, visually appealing website became the virtual showroom for Forma. We wanted the work to be the primary focus of the site, whilst ensuring its navigation was user-friendly throughout.

Forma website
Forma business card
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