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Embrace the next chapter of life with SferaCare

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A care home group dedicated to providing personalised care across the country

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SferaCare came to us a newly established business. They needed our branding, website, and content support in order to successfully position themselves as a beacon of warmth, care, and innovation in the competitive healthcare industry.

12 Weeks
Brand Identity

Embracing the next chapter of life

The primary challenge was to overcome the stereotypical image associated with care homes and communicate SferaCare's unique approach to providing not just medical and nursing care but a home-like environment that prioritises emotional well-being. The logo was designed to incorporate soft, comforting palette, and a home-shaped motif, symbolising Sfera as an extension of your family, rather than healthcare providers.

The Website

Establishing a care facility as more than just a medical institution

We designed a developed a bespoke site in Craft CMS with the aim to create an interactive and informative digital experience. Virtual tours, resident testimonials, Team members and regular updates on community events were incorporated to provide a comprehensive view of life at SferaCare Homes. The website aimed to enhance user experience, communicate the care home's values, and facilitate seamless engagement for potential residents and their families.


An extension of the SferaCare team

We not only aided SferaCare in the creation of their visual identity and website but also translated this offline, with marketing materials, signage, and presentation decks amongst a plethora of assets we created for them. Content writing was also within this, transforming the website's written content into a valuable resource that not only informing potential residents and their families but also created a sense of connection and trust, adopting a storytelling approach to humanise the care home's services.

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