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The Invisible Orthodontist

We were asked to help design a new look and feel for The Invisible Orthodontist's online platforms along with a total brand overhaul.

The Invisible Orthodontist is the largest network of specialist orthodontists across the world, uniquely qualified to straighten your teeth. They have a unique placement in the market being a premium teeth aligning service, and above all want to share their sense of community and care. We needed an identity that would help stand-out from the cheap home order alternatives.

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The invisible orthodontist man
The invisible orthodontist logo

Orthodontics doesn't have to be boring

We aimed to challenge the medical aspect of Orthodontistry by leaving behind clinical imagery and jargon entirely, focusing instead on a more personal and human approach that customers would empathise with.

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The invisible orthodontist flyer

More than just a logo

A brand is more than just a logo, that's why with The Invisible Orthodontist we introduced a new color system of blue and sophisticated pastel tones giving the brand a mature look and feel. Through Typography and an adapted tone of voice, we created a brand that speaks with one voice, consistent across all platforms.

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