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A workplace consultancy creating inspiring environments

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Creating workplaces that embody their client’s values and aspirations through sustainable, transformative change

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Partnering with us on Brand Strategy, Content Writing, Web Design, and Development, the transformation aimed to reflect Sketch's innovative approach, enhance brand visibility, and create an interactive digital platform that showcases their expertise in crafting modern workspaces.

Sketch Studios
14 Weeks
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Brand Repositioning

A visionary brand refresh

Sketch underwent a visionary repositioning process. New and updated visual elements, including typography and colour palette, embraced a clean and contemporary aesthetic, symbolising innovation, flexibility, and the evolving nature of modern workspaces. The brand messaging strategy focused on communicating Sketch's forward-thinking approach. Clear and concise language emphasised the consultancy's commitment to designing workplaces that foster collaboration, adaptability, and employee well-being.

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The extraordinary in your workplace

The existing brand and website did not capture the essence of Sketch's innovative solutions in workplace design and consultancy. We crafted a bespoke Craft CMS site that prioritised user experience, with intuitive navigation and a clean yet engaging layout. Visitors could explore case studies, comprehensive services, and understand the transformative impact of the consultancy's designs on various workplaces.

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