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Brand Identity, Strategy, Tone of Voice, Website Design and Build for a Bold Marketing Agency

We worked closely with the Natterjack team to overhaul their brand, developing a new brand positioning and identity system, including a logo, typography, bold colour palette, supporting brand assets, robust brand guidelines, and a new website.

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Personality Driven

Evolving as a company, we aimed to match Natterjack's strategic ambition and personality-driven team, which gave us a strong starting point for a bold visual and verbal identity. Built on a robust wordmark, we wanted the typography to lead the brand, hinting at the playful side of Natterjack, paired with a strong colour palette working in harmony together.

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The best ideas come from having a chat over a brew

A key part of the visual identity includes hand-drawn elements including squiggles, wording, and underlines. We wanted to capture human nature and personality to add emphasis and expression to copy. Mimicking short notes and scribbling down on paper, this is where the best ideas come from after all - over a brew of course.

Visit the Natterjack Marketing website.

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