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Creating an inspiring learning environment

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Rebranding an award-winning group of 18 Childcare Nurseries

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MiChild is an award-winning group of 18 Childcare Nurseries across the North West, with a focus on a stimulating, nurturing, and inspiring learning environment. After acquiring more Nurseries, MiChild approached us with the proposition of creating a new identity that would break away from traditional childcare brand templates. This branding would then be brought inline with a completely new web experience that needed to show what MiChild Nurseries are capable of, while also bringing its warmth and professionalism to the forefront.

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Small Steps. Giant Leaps.

Your child and their future are as important as who looks after them, that's why MiChild puts this at the heart of what they do. MiChild set out to change the Childcare industry with an easy-to-navigate Childcare platform that rises above other nurseries and with a need to make it known that they are a team of highly trained and skilled nursery professionals that parents can rely on.

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Awe, Wonder and Sparks of Curiosity

We built a brand that was approachable and rooted in trust, whilst maintaining playful elements. With the help of Ruby, we created bespoke brush strokes to create a visual network of constantly interchanging patterns that showcase the never-ending creativity of the MiChild Nurseries.

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