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Meet the Team

Natasia Rubin  
Content Writer

Meet Natasia Rubin

Say hello to Natasia Rubin, the mastermind behind words and the head of content at MadeByShape.

Natasia brings a wealth of experience to the table. With a background in SEO and digital marketing, she's found her true passion in content writing. Having worked across various industries, Natasia has honed a unique understanding of crafting messages for any brand. When she's not busy with content, you might find her whipping up a nice cider or plum wine!

Natasia's family amateur brewer roots make her the alchemist behind these delicious concoctions. For all things content writing and SEO, Natasia is your go-to expert, ensuring a perfect blend of creativity and strategy tailored just for you.

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I’ve watched every horror film. Try me.
My weakest skill is keeping plants alive.
Could only eat cake for the rest of my life.
My favourite time of day is 3pm.
I know Sting.

Tell us a bit about your background.

Coming from a career in SEO and digital marketing, I focused on content writing exclusively in 2020. I’ve had the pleasure of working with a range of brands, client-side and agency-side, which have given me a rich understanding of how to write for different industries.

This background also means I find it easy to adjust my ways of working to the teams I work with, collaborating with design, development, and marketing teams, as well as contractors and external client teams.

Can you give us a tip for writing content for SEO?

People tend to say that branding and SEO are enemies, and copy gets sucked into this argument too. Branding impacts SEO. SEO impacts branding. I think there’s a key to writing content that toes the line between these two: aim to hit as many SEO targets in the copy as possible but never allow the brand tone of voice to suffer.

Where sticking to every SEO rule (including every one of a long list of keywords, following rigid rules with links, and so on) can result in copy that sounds forced and robotic, I opt for a ‘best, great, good’ approach. This method involves planning and prioritising all the SEO rules you need to follow and then getting a feel for which rules need to be followed/bent/broken to preserve the tone of voice. If you can follow all the rules, then great, that’s the ‘best’ result.

It’s something that becomes more intuitive over time. Of course, it goes without saying that mine always comes out ‘best’.

What’s your idea of a dream content writing project to work on?

Anything in the realm of mythology, theology, folklore, the mysterious world, and the esoteric is my calling, and it would be an absolute dream to work on a project of this type.

I once wrote to the Museum of Witchcraft to ask if I could write for their website for free. I’m still waiting for a reply. It’s okay. I suspect they are very busy casting spells and things.

We heard you’re an aspiring brewer, is that right?

Yes, true to my roots in the southwest, I come from a family of amateur brewers. Usually, I work on perfecting cider and plum wine. I’m always looking for new fruits to turn into booze. After all, they’re much more interesting that way.

What’s your weirdest writing inspiration?

My affinity with the quintessence of dry English humour finds a home in London Rental Property of the Week, a column in Vice that bemoans the state of the modern-day rental market.

I think this was my first real inspiration for copywriting, even though it’s not a type of content I have the pleasure of working on. Joel Golby is a real icon for capturing the misery of trying to survive in the world as an adult human with this unapologetic little column. I could read these articles forever.

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