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Chris Golpys  
Accounts & Finances

Meet Chris Golpys

Chris Golpys, the financial maestro at MadeByShape, keeping the numbers in tune and the accounts in check.

As the daddy of the group, Chris is the go-to guy for all things accounts and finance. With a background as a Treasury Manager at ITV, he brings a wealth of financial wisdom to our dynamic team. Beyond the balance sheets, Chris is a devoted season ticket holder for United, cheering on his team with unmatched enthusiasm.

In short, he's the financial guru who ensures our numbers add up and our goals are scored, both in and out of the office.

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Wizard with Spreadsheets
Favourite Drink: Cuba Libre
Favourite Team : Man Utd
Favourite Shape : Circle
Favourite Dance : Salsa

You're the daddy of the group?

Yes I'm the one who has most life experience, that's correct.

What's your role in the team?

I handle all the financial side of the business. I have many years of experience; I was previously the Treasury Manager at ITV in Manchester.

I hear you are a Man Utd supporter?

Yes I've been a season ticket holder for many years. I go to the home games at Old Trafford with Andrew, who has been a season ticket holder since the age of 5. He used to sit on my knee and watch Sir Alex Ferguson mould some fantastic teams throughout the years. I remember a time when Dave Busst snapped his leg right in front of us. Andrew stood up and feinted — we missed the rest of the game in the emergency room.

We've had some great memories together, and hopefully, more to come. I am looking forward to Ruby and Roxie growing up and taking them to their first live football game and treating them to a pie and a hot chocolate.

Why should clients choose to go with Shape?

The quality of work is excellent, the best I’ve seen from an agency. And client retention rates are super high.

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