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GoPro App : Review

Preparing for this years adventure of scuba diving in the deep blue sea I thought back to the last time and how the only recorded moments I have are a few blurry pictures the ‘professional’ photographer had taken and thought instead of leaving it to someone else why not buy my own camera so I can take my own underwater selfies. 

4 Creative eCommerce Websites

Your website is the first thing your customer will go to when looking up you and your business, so do you need to settle for the 'standard' eCommerce website or should you challenge conventional design to create a site that showcases your product in a unique way.

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Amazing Google Fonts for Headers & Titles

Here at Shape, we are always on the lookout for the next font to stand out amongst the crowd, to add a little bit of personality to the designs. These are just a small collection of Google Fonts that we feel are perfect for headers and titles.

Shape Web Design Mcr Blog - Agency Search

Finding the right Digital Agency for you.

Which Digital Agency is right for you? When first starting your project it might be a little daunting looking around and wondering who is best for my project so here are a few tips to help point you in the right direction before you can finally settle on the Agency best suited to you.

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35 of the Best Resources for Web Designers

Here at Shape we use a lot of resources in our day to day activities whether thats finding the right colour scheme, looking for free stock images for clients or even finding new and creative features to add to our next project, here is a list of the top 35 ones we use.

Shape eCommerce - Canvas

The basics of HTML5 Canvas: Part 1

HTML 5's Canvas has been out now for quite a while but for some it's a completly new feature, a new skill to master. On a recent project of mine I've had the chance to delve into what you can actualy do with it and alothugh I'm still learning I've enjoyed finding out what it's capable of. 

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Trello - Saviour of post-it notes

Increasing your work-flow, and managing all your ongoing projects can be a battle that is hard won, notes scribbled and jotted down everywhere, a desk full of unorganized post-it notes can become quite the challenge. 

Shape Web Design Manchester - Typographic Helper

Typography in Website Design

A guide into choosing typefaces, understanding font sizes and hierarchy within web design and development.

Shape eCommerce Web Design - Bespoke or Template

Bespoke or Template?

Here at shape were proud of the fact that we can say all of our websites are bespoke.

What is bespoke? Well bespoke is “custom made”, “made to order” its anything that has been designed specifically with you in mind, a product that has been created and crafted to meet your specific needs.

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Christmas Advertising

Winter, a time to wrap, to brave the cold night, a time for getting cosy under a nice warm blanket, a time for the Christmas season and everything that comes along with it music, laughter, and TV advertisements that lure you pulling and twisting on your heart strings. 

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