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Meet Dipper

Introducing our four-legged dynamo, Dipper, the official morale and client relations officer at MadeByShape, bringing a dash of chaos and a whole lot of charm.

His favourite pastimes include bin raids and furniture chewing, with a knack for destroying anything his teeth touch. Despite the mayhem, he's everyone's favourite colleague, but his favourite has to be Mummy Jo (although he might be a bit biased). Dipper brings fun to the office, loves a good cuddle, and cherishes walks — even though he works from home most of the time, claiming the sofa as his official throne. Who doesn't love a good work-life balance, though? Work and play are hard when you're a dog ...

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Love bananas
Don’t like the rain
Favourite toy, squeaky flamigo
Clown dog
Love to sleep on my back

What is your favourite part of working at Shape?

Sticking my head in the bins and chewing on the furniture.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I love to go for walks and runs across the fields where I live. I also love to chew and destroy anything I can get my teeth into.

Favourite colleague at Shape?

Obviously my mummy Jo, but I get great neck scratches from Tom.

What do you bring to the team?

I'm always there for our team when they need a chat away from their desk or even a cuddle. I bring fun to the office and the day is never boring when I'm around.

So, are you always in the studio?

Not all the time. A lot of the time I work from home, from the sofa. It’s tough being a dog.

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