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Joe Buckley, why I chose Shape

Shape May 2022 HR 37
Updated on 12 May 2022

I’m the newest addition to the team here at Shape, if you want to get to know me better, go and take a read of my profile.

After over six years in the industry, I wondered what the next step for me was?

Shape has always been on my radar as somewhere I'd love to work since first hearing about them in 2018. By looking at the website, you can feel the sense of culture and togetherness that everyone strives for in a business, and I wanted to be involved. With every new social/blog post of new website launches, I hoped that our paths would cross one day.

Aimlessly scrolling through Instagram stories (as you do), I saw the job opportunity. I knew this was the role I was looking for to progress my career as a web developer. I instantly got that exciting feeling. After reading the job specification, I was hooked. It was exactly what I was looking for; combining an exciting, forward-thinking technology stack with the responsibility to take control of my own projects - I knew this was the perfect environment for me to do what I love the most.

Shape May 2022 HR 36

Joe Buckley working in the MadeByShape studio

Shape's portfolio

After deciding this was the right opportunity for me, I started to do a deep dive into Shape's portfolio to validate its reputation. Seeing multiple website launch posts, I knew that Shape is meticulous in attention to detail and always striving to produce the best work in the industry. I wasn't disappointed in what I found.

Shape's portfolio
has various projects, ranging from international clients to smaller independent clients. This shows the company's ethos; no matter the size, Shape cares about the content they produce. This ensures the client gets the best service in the industry whilst keeping the brand's integrity. I knew at this point I wanted to be the missing piece in Shape's puzzle.


The icing on the cake was the perks that Shape offers: training & development, social events, early Friday finish, flexible working, and the list goes on. This is an excellent indicator that Shape values its staff's quality of life by going the extra mile to help out where they can. I'd just got a 10-week old Patterdale terrier puppy called Dave (yes, Dave, you did read that right), and I knew these perks would allow me to have the flexibility and support I needed to progress and grow as a web developer.

Shape May 2022 HR 6

Joe Buckley working in the MadeByShape meeting room

My first week at Shape

As the first week at Shape comes to an end, I can confidently say that Andy and Jason have achieved what every business owner aspires to. A culture that welcomes a new team member with open arms and produces industry leading content is impressive, to say the least. I can't wait to find out what this fantastic team can achieve and be a part of it.