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Andy Golpys: Right Aligned Events Video Conversation

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Updated on 03 Aug 2022

Back in April 2022 I had a chat with Chris Sanders from Right Aligned Events to discuss my career, my thoughts on the industry. How it all started for me, and where we are today with MadeByShape.

Getting to know me, aka Andy, and my journey

I think it's really important to learn from others, listen to their journeys and keep growing. No matter of your experience, and how long you've been in business - there's always room for improvement.

When I started my career, I looked at others to see how they did it, how they started etc. and that is still the case today. So when Chris asked me to explain my journey and have an informal chat - I jumped at the chance to share my story.

My journey in short

I originally thought I was going to be a Footballer, but that didn't happen. So I followed my heart, and that was to choose Graphic Design over PE at high school. That journey went into a National Diploma at Wigan & Leigh College, then onto the Graphic Degree at Salford University. At college, it was theory based and idea generation - computers weren't really used. And the first year at University was the same really. But it was in my second year at University that I really understood Web Design and noticed I was good at it, enjoyed it, and realised that I could make money from creating websites.

Too fast forward a little, I embed myself in the industry and ended up working for 4 agencies as a Freelancer, and also had my own direct clients too. So when it came to graduating from University, I had the choice to go work for somebody else or continue what I was doing. The more freelance clients I won, the more I worked with Jason on projects - where I won the job, designed the site and then passed onto Jason to build. This naturally grew bigger and decided to start an agency, MadeByShape, in 2010.

Co-Founder of MadeByShape. Most of my blogs are about business related aspects, not just web design.