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Joe Buckley  
Web Developer

Meet Joe Buckley

Introducing Joe Buckley, our esteemed web developer

Joe's journey in digital started at Sheffield Hallam, where he studied Digital Media Production. It was during his final year that he delved into the world of web development, channelling his skills to create a vibrant website for a local children’s rugby club. Since then, Joe has been weaving his coding magic, turning ideas into seamless digital experiences. Beyond the digital realm, Joe has a soft spot for the finer things in life — especially cheese.

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Loves: Football
Loves: Dogs
Cheese lover
Favourite Artist: Arctic Monkeys
Favourite Typeface: Futura
Dislikes: Driving
Dislikes: DIY

What's your favourite thing about working at Shape?

How open and welcoming the team is, it’s a very relaxed vibe with the instilled culture to produce industry-leading content. Everyone loves what they do and it shows. With a diverse range of clients ranging from international clients to smaller independent clients, no day is the same.

Have you always wanted to be a web developer?

Like a lot of teenagers, I always wanted to be a footballer, but from an early age, I knew this wasn’t going to work out. The legs had gone (I didn’t have the talent either). This took me down the path of getting into the creative industry, unsure of which path to take, I decided to go to the University of Sheffield Hallam to study digital media production. In my final year, I specialised in web development, creating a website for a local children’s rugby club, which is where my love for web development first started. Fast forward six years, now I’m here!

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Outside of work I’m often found watching sport with a pint in hand or going out socialising with family and friends. After that, I’m usually at home watching the latest Netflix show or walking my new dog Dave. Oh, and I’m a big cheese fan, if there’s a cheese board on the menu that’s where I’ll be.

I heard you’ve just got a new dog?

Yes! He’s a six-month Patterdale Terrier called Dave. I absolutely love him to bits, even though he loves to chew everything in the house, I wouldn’t change him for the world (FYI, Instagram lies; it's not all puppy cuddles and cute puppy dog eyes owning a dog!). If I’m honest, I love all dogs. They light up any room with their unconditional love and waggy tails. That feeling can make a bad day great again!

You're a Manchester United fan?

Yes, I’m a big Manchester United fan, I’ve got a season ticket at Old Trafford and will go with my Dad and our friends. I sit in the K stand not too far from Andy to watch the madness of football unfold. After being spoilt watching so many successful years under Sir Alex Ferguson, the last ten years haven’t been great to say the least. After a number of wrong managerial appointments and a mismanagement of the club as a whole, a rebuild is needed. My dad always says, “It would be boring if we won every week”. I’m not sure I agree with his logic. Hopefully, the new manager, Erik Ten Hag is the man to get us back to where Manchester United belong!

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