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Kerry Hounslea  
Content Writer

Meet Kerry Hounslea

Say hello to Kerry, our newest addition to the Shape crew.

From swapping pub taps to crafting content at Shape, Kerry's life has taken quite the turn. But fear not, she's still got that knack for pouring a decent pint! Kerry's academic journey kicked off at the University of Liverpool, where she completed an undergraduate degree in English language and popular music. Not stopping there, she went a step further, securing a master's in marketing. Kerry loves diving into the world of content creation for our clients, relishing the fact that every day brings something new and exciting. Her passion lies in delivering content that's not just unique but speaks directly to the needs of our clients. Oh, and she's also an Everton fan (I know, we're sorry too).

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Favourite band: Blossoms
Can pour a good pint
I probs shouldn’t admit: I support Everton
Obsessed with cheese
Favourite travel destination: Orlando

What's your job role at MadeByShape?

I’m the newbie at Shape and my job role is content writing. So I spend my days writing tailored content for our clients' websites, with a keen eye on making sure every article is SEO-optimised. We work with so many different clients in different sectors here at Shape — from fireworks to blood plasma and marketing. It changes every day which is fun.

Tell us a bit about your background.

Well, becoming a content writer for Shape is a bit of a shift from my previous job! I used to be a pub manager, where my days consisted of pouring pints and working late night shifts. I now go to bed before 1 am on weekdays … thank god. The shift from that lifestyle to working from home creating content is mad, really!

What made you get in touch with Shape?

I was so ready to move on from my pub manager position. I had a master’s degree in marketing and knew I wanted to do something with it. A few of my local customers knew Shape as it’s a local web design agency and told me to get in touch with Andy. I checked out the website and was instantly obsessed with Shape's portfolio. It quickly became a company I really wanted to work for. I could tell it was a company that really valued the working culture, which was a big draw for me. After working so many part-time jobs where you are just a number, it’s nice knowing that’s not the case anymore.

Even though there were no active job openings on Shape's website, I still reached out to Andy. Since I was local, he asked me to come into the studio for a casual chat. By the end of the meeting, I was being considered for a content writing position, and things moved really fast after that.

What are you most looking forward to working at Shape?

A weekend off. It’s a simple pleasure, but it’s the thing I am probably most looking forward to after working years in hospitality 😂. Aside from this, Shape offers great flexibility, allowing you to work from home or in the studio. I feel like I’m more productive in my own space, so this helps a lot.

In terms of my job role — I'm excited to get back into writing. There wasn't really any space for me to dedicate any time to researching and writing as a pub manager. It will be fun to work with different clients across various sectors and craft content that speaks to their unique needs and goals.

Why should clients choose to work with Shape?

All it really takes is one look at our portfolio to answer this question, but it also goes way beyond that. Every team member genuinely loves what they do here at Shape, and we build long-term client relationships. We are friendly, honest people who always make clients feel welcome and valued here. Overall, we're just a mint team!

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