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How long have you been in the game Mark?

For over 25 years. I used to work at a web agency. This gave me a good background into how websites are built, developing online strategies for businesses once the site went live, or improving on current web strategies for existing sites. SEO was very different back then. But this is how I got started in the industry.

You don't sound Mancunian?

I live just outside of Manchester but I wasn't born here. I do love the city though, and I take pleasure in taking my friends on tours when the come over to visit. There is so much to choose from, whether that be a place to eat, drink, exhibitions or nightlife. There are obviously some fantastic football clubs nearby also.

So what made you work with Shape?

We have had the same approach since day one. Myself and Andy have an understanding in terms of SEO, we both work ethically and organically. It's so important to share the same theories with your team members, and to enjoy working together at the same time. When clients ask questions, we all have the same approach when it comes to improving clients SEO and page rankings - so there is no confusion at all during any project.

I heard you enjoy cycling?

Yes there's a few of us here at MadeByShape that enjoy cycling, which is great because we instantly have a bond and something to discuss each week other than work. I've done my fair few events both in the UK and abroad. I wouldn't say I'm Lance Armstrong or Bradley Wiggins but it keeps me fit and enjoy it so... winner, winner.

Outside of work you have a family?

Yes we've got a little one now and everything is great. Loving life as a father, it's completely changed my life, in a good way lol.

Why should people go with Shape?

Our work speaks for itself, we have a certain quality of output that never drops. But for me it's about the aftercare. We can offer very high performance rates in terms of Organic SEO to help boost a clients website. We regularly get new startup businesses come to us with no domain, no brand, no visibility on Google. It's very satisfying for us to take that and rank the new website in google and start generating business for that client.

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