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What's your favourite thing about Shape?

Meeting next clients. I love discussing their business needs, expectations and how passionate they are about succeeding. I am able to meet all different types of people and businesses, it's great.

What does your role consist of?

I create content for Front-End and help with technical SEO in the Back-End. SEO Audits, Reviews, Competitor Research, Google Analytics etc. etc. are all part of my daily routines.

You like to travel?

Yes I love going to new places all over the world. Thailand is my favourite though and I could talk about it all night...

You used to be a good Footballer?

Yes I did, back in the day. But I was always injured and it never worked out. Nowadays I like to keep fit and I'm happy with that.

What is your ideal project to work on?

I love working with startup businesses who are passionate. If they have the budget and patience to improve their rankings and traffic, we can certainly help. But it has to be a client who understands our approach and how we work. If they want instant results in Organic SEO without putting time and effort in, it's never going to work. Taking a new project with poor SEO or non existent rankings to a business that thrives is very rewarding.


Liam Kenny

Search Engine Optimisation

Likes: A cold beer I wish I was taller Always has the Best Day Ever Favourite Chef: Me
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Let's make something great together.

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