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With a small collection of products, Moude needed a streamlined website that showcased the quality of the products and reflected the price tag.

Working closely with Moude based in Bolton, MadeByShape created a clean, minimalistic eCommerce website that reflects the brand through design, photography and development.

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Start with a vision. End with a brand.

As a new business, Moude needed help with Brand Identity, Web Design, Web Development, eCommerce, Craft CMS, Responsive. As a full service digital agency, MadeByShape were able to offer all these services in-house.

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“I’ve used many web developers in the past but never come across a team so professional and fun to work with, Andy somehow gets everything you want and you only have to explain to him once! I swear I have never been more excited and stress free throughout this whole process, my website is absolute class and compliments my brand perfectly and the feedback has been incredible. Don't waste your time with cowboy developers who promise you the world and 6 months later they come back with soggy fish and chips that have accidentally been stepped on, or so called experts who paint their own picture but can’t paint yours. Andy and the team at Shape are amazing, you get what you expect plus more!”
Saj Mohamed, Moude
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