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Riley Studio

To create a custom Shopify website for Riley Studio, a gender neutral, sustainable fashion brand in London, UK.

Founder, Riley Uggla, came to MadeByShape with an existing Squarespace website that didn't perform in google, was limiting in terms of development, and difficult to manage from a content point of view. After discussions about platforms, Shopify was the best solution for Riley and her team.

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Use the Shopify platform. But don't let it look like a Shopify website.

Shopify is great, but there are limitations. Riley Studio were very image conscious, brand conscious, and their exposure relies heavily on the quality of content they produce to back up the quality of their products. By using their slick imagery and brand guidelines, we created a custom website that includes all the benefits of Shopify.

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Organic Search Engine Optimisation

A big part of the brief was to make this website for Riley Studio visible in search engine rankings. MadeByShape handled sitemap submissions, search console data and technical SEO. We improved brand keywords within the first month and are in the process of a long term SEO strategy to increase traffic, conversions and sales.

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