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Web Design trends : 2017

Each year Web Design changes and adapts to whats current and this year is no different. Check out what we have seen as the latest trends for 2017

7 of the best websites that use Illustration and Animation

Websites can often be missuse illustraions and animations and their sites soon become cluttered. So I've found 7 of what I believe to be the best websites that use illustration and animation to add that extra something.

2016’s Christmas Adverts

The battle for the hearts and minds of people is well underway as its the Christmas season and with that comes festivities, laughter and... advertisements. Now each year we see a lot of variety of ideas when it comes to the different marketing campaigns and this year is no exception, we have some truly brilliant adverts from the likes of John Lewis, M&S and Sainsburys to name a few.

Challenge Yourself

Wether you’ve left University and your currently looking for a job or if your still in education or even if your employed but want to keep up with current trends challenging yourself and keeping yourself motivated is something everyone should be looking to do.

5 Of the most Inspiring Event Websites

Events don’t usually get their own website, but when they do, it’s hand crafted specifically for what they need. These types of websites tend to be a lot more informative than your usual sites and have to draw you in, make you care about what they're trying to say.

Looking to get started in Web Development?

Looking to get started in Web Development? Learning code can seem like a daunting task at first, especially if you're teaching yourself, but there are many resources out there dedicated to helping you learn and improve.

Slack : Communication On Steroids

Slacks motto is ‘Be Less Busy’. Slack is an app designed to bring all your team communication into one place, now its not a substitute fortalking, but when you're working away with your headphones in its a lot easier to reply to someone on slack than to grab someones attention.

Bootstrap: What Is It and Why Should You Care

Bootstrap is a free and open source front end web development framework/toolkit primarily used for creating websites and web apps. It was created by Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton in 2011, whilst they were at Twitter as a way to maintain design consistency and reduce the maintenance burden that came as a result of using different libraries and tools on a single project. 

GoPro App : Review

Preparing for this years adventure of scuba diving in the deep blue sea I thought back to the last time and how the only recorded moments I have are a few blurry pictures the ‘professional’ photographer had taken and thought instead of leaving it to someone else why not buy my own camera so I can take my own underwater selfies. 

4 Creative eCommerce Websites

Your website is the first thing your customer will go to when looking up you and your business, so do you need to settle for the 'standard' eCommerce website or should you challenge conventional design to create a site that showcases your product in a unique way.

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