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How long have you been part of the team at Shape?

I only started a few weeks ago as a web developer. I have been a web designer and developer for over 5 years and when I found out about MadeByShape I just knew it was the perfect place to be. I was able to get 2 weeks of work experience and then 2 months later here I am.

What's your favourite aspect about working at Shape?

I love the atmosphere and how friendly and helpful everyone is. You really feel like part of a team and everyone is passionate about their work which encourages you to do the same. I also love how the studio has been decorated with plants, photos and fun figurines. It makes it feel like home and not a work office.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Most of the time my life revolves around my dog Pebble. She is a miniature bull terrier who is the funniest and sweetest dog ever. I love taking her for walks and going out on day trips with her. There is very rarely a moment that she isn't by my side. I've also recently become an avid gardener after getting my first house. I filled every inch with cottage flowers and I have a nice corner seating to relax and take in the garden.

So, you're a Wallace and Gromit fan?

I am a huge fan of Wallace and Gromit. Back in 2013 I went to Bristol and did the Gromit Unleashed sculpture trail which featured over 60 giant Gromit sculptures. Since then I have collected mini figurines of Gromits, Shaun the sheep and Feathers McGraw (the evil penguin). I even have one signed by the creator Nick Park, which I won in an auction. In total I have 43 figurines and counting.

Why should clients choose to work with Shape?

Everyone here at MadeByShape work really hard and produce excellent work. They are also super friendly and make you feel really welcome and valued. You just know you're in good hands.

Jo edwards profile

Jo Edwards

Web Developer

Favourite Colour: Mustard Hockey Team Captain Favourite Brand: Vivienne Westwood Favourite Film: Howl's Moving Castle Favourite Food: Noodles/Sushi
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Let's make something great together.

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