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Flexible Meetings and Business Travel

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Caution! This article is 6 years old, and our opinions may have changed.

For me, business is not only about talent and expertise, it's about people. Working with people, enjoying that relationship and understanding one another. This means that client communication should not solely be limited to Phone, and Email. Times have changed and communication via Skype and Facetime is good, but it still doesn't give the personal touch of a face to face meeting.

Whether my clients are in Manchester, Cheshire, Leeds, London, Dublin, Barcelona or further afield... I try to be as flexible as possible. Some new clients just want to meet face to face initially, to check us out, make sure we are on the same page, understand our services and ethos. Some clients want to consistently meet face to face throughout projects and long term relationships. We try to accommodate as much as possible. 

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We have clients all over the world and I love travelling meeting new entrepreneurs, successful businessmen and women, listening to their stories, understanding their expectations and seeing their passion to succeed in business. It allows me to see the world so I'm not complaining.

We try to make it clear to all enquiries that although we are based in Manchester, we are able to travel for meetings. I am regularly in London as well as Manchester, and can arrange other meetings elsewhere when convenient for the diary. It's my job to meet new clients and keep existing clients happy.

Benefits of meeting face to face

  • Clients can see that you've taken that extra time, effort, commitment to travel to a location and communicate personally.
  • You can build up a one to one relationship quicker.
  • It's sometimes easier to explain and communicate via words and a laptop than trying to explain over the phone or in an email.
  • You can connect on a personal / lifestyle level rather than just business.
  • It's easier for the client to fit meetings in their diary sooner rather than later, at a convenient location for them.

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