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5 Of the most Inspiring Event Websites

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Name our ship

This one gets an honourable mention, I first heard of this site when the tweet #boatymcboatface was going around as this was the top contender for the ship’s name, the thousands of people browsing the site with hundreds of names to choose from and they choose this.Well, enough of that, this site uses a lot of videos as a fun way to give you information and keep you interested, they also use illustrations and icons that fit in with the whole theme to keep it looking good.

The page layout in combination with the illustrations keeps you moving forward, eager to see what's next.

Millésimes Alsace

I found this site a while back and instantly loved it, everything from the site pre-loaded to the page transitions and the colour scheme, this combined with the sheriff gives it a feeling of elegance, and high class,which, when you read into it isn’t a bad thing as its main target audience is ‘ is intended for importers and distributors, of wine and the hotel and restaurant sector, as well as the wine press, educators and students.’



This site uses everything, from high quality images, video, large typography, parallax, an unconventional grid system and it looks ace even better that everything you need is on one page you don’t have to go searching for, any information its all straight forward on what it is, everything has been carefully arranged and placed so that unintentionally you grasp an idea of what it will be about even before you read the paragraph explaining what the site is about.



The site is reflective of the event which is contemporary art and design, the website is very minimalist in terms of the design but that'swhat it needs to be. The main feature of the side it is that it gives you the ability to change and edit the layout just by dragging the text and images, this makes you interact with it, changing it to make a layout you think looks good and because of this you take in the information.



A very vibrant, and fun website the main design scheme being shapes and colours along with a parallax scroll making you want to keep scrolling, the text is large making itemiser to read and to absorb information.

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