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5 Of the most Inspiring Event Websites

Inspiring Event Websites
Caution! This article is 8 years old, and our opinions may have changed.

In this article, we take a look at 5 of the most creative & inspiring event website designs out there currently, from music to arts to sustainability and everything in between. 

Le Petit Salon

This site makes use of some really cool rollover animation using imagery and type. A very bold site, this site has lots of contrast from the type and animation, transitioning from dark to light across the site as you scroll. The partial gradient remains consistent as you scroll which connects the site up real nice.

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Mutek Montreal

We've seen mesh gradients being used more commonly across designs and this site does a great job of using a discordant colour scheme to compliment this. The colours are what brings this site alive, paired with some nice animation, it really brings the site together adding some needed contrast.

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Benjamin Rightetti

This site is simple but extremely effective in its approach. Purely monochrome, the site utilises horizontal and vertical scroll, featuring excessively large typography layouts. Paired with beautiful imagery showcasing the artist, this site relies on smooth animations to bring its content to life. A really smart but simple site.

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Chiara Luzzana

This site makes great use of interactivity and sound to entice the user to explore more. The site features an elegant serif which paired with the neutral tones, works seamlessly. What's also really nice about this site is the use of parallax scroll, which makes you want to keep on scrolling.

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Klarna Design Summit

Now, this site might look a lil crazy, but there are some really nice elements in this such as the use of the hand-drawn graphics and the shapes that are used throughout, this is carried well through the whole site and really gives it its own unique identity. The pastel colours and the dark themed site also work hand in hand to give a really nice contrast in the typography.

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