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What is User Experience?

What Is User Experience
Caution! This article is 6 years old, and our opinions may have changed.

User experience is a term often used in the technology industry. Here at Shape it’s something that’s constantly prioritised in any project that we take on, it’s at the forefront of most technological advances and it’s usually the reason we are constantly undergoing updates on any devices we use. But what does it actually mean? 

All websites, no matter what company they belong to, want to attract viewers and users. To do so, and to build an audience who wish to return to the page, they must ensure that they create a positive impression. This momentary impression that users have of the site will evolve; if they can easily use the site to achieve what they need without confusion there is a much higher chance they will return back to it. Good usability comes from easy-to-navigate links to a clear layout; all of which works together to give the user a positive experience.

Access to the content is important but it’s crucial that, once they’ve successfully navigated their way around your website, users find the content of it useful. Keeping websites clear, concise and to the point effectively allows them to achieve their aims whilst using your webpage. If this isn’t done websites can lose value and easily alters the relationship between business and user.

Good Advertising
It’s not surprising that most technology users dislike adverts, but sadly they are inevitable in our 21st century world. This means companies should be taking special thought when considering which advertisements they want to use on their websites, always considering how they can ensure their users get the best experience. The best online marketing campaigns are ones that align with the target audience of the website and are relevant to them, they should interrupt the flow of the website as little as possible and, ethically, should fit with the core values of the company that is being represented.

We can umbrella all these concepts together to summarise how crucial it is that users enjoy their experience on your website. Providing people with an enjoyable experience, ensuring they can successfully achieve what they set out to and providing them with a nicely set up website all works towards making them happy. A happy customer base leaves a positive impression; meaning you can count on them coming back for more and recommending your site/business to others.

The term ‘User Experience,’ therefore, may seem simple but it holds different facets that must be considered when creating a website. It ensures that the audience is always prioritised, it reduces anything that may seem intrusive to users details and it doesn’t interrupt the flow of individual’s experience. Websites that successfully consider user experience in their formation can reap the benefits through the build- up of a loyal audience and will see positive results.

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