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4 Creative eCommerce Websites

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Your website is the first thing your customer will go to when looking up you and your business, so do you need to settle for the 'standard' eCommerce website or should you challenge conventional design to create a site that showcases your product in a unique way. A good design is a great way to showcase your products and to tell your consumers the story and process behind it, lets take a look at some ecommerce sites that 'break-away' from the normal to show off their products.

Cantor Fine Art -

Cantor Fine Art, a website dedicated to showcasing and sell art from a variety of artists. The design of this site is very minimal in itself and breaks free of the standard ‘ grid style’ structure of most commerce sites, in-fact at first glance you wouldn’t tell that the site is eCommerce, it seems more like a portfolio or a news website the way that it showcases the work and its not until you’ve browsed around that you realise you can actually purchace the artwork on show.

The website has several features that most eCommerce websites should use as its a great way for the consumer to interact and find out more about what there buying, one being the way that you can view the art, you can either watch a short video or use the interactive 3D render to view the piece from every angle.



ETQ has been designed for the 'sole'  (bad pun I know) purpose of showing their stuff. The website is free from the information overload that some sites seem to offer and instead treat us to a nice minimalistic view of their products. We can instantly see what they are offering and from this we know within the first few seconds whether we want to stay on the site or not.

A great feature of this site is the ablity to change how many columns the products are displayed in, this gives us more control over what we as the user want to see, wether thats a single column to show the products in a larger view to show you more detail or as smaller thumbnails in a four column grid for when we you want to quickly scan the products to find something that catches your eye.

Pumperlgsund - 

Pumperlgsund is on this list becuase of the amazing way it gives you information, instead of having a image and with a short paragraph it gives you the information as you scroll the page in the form of animations and effects, and by the time you reach the bottom you have all the information you need withour realising because of how imersed you become when scrolling the site.

Not only are the animations a talking point of the website but the style aswell, the pop of colour, the use of typography all the to showcase the one product.



Bill Bass - 

Bill Bass is a website that uses a very unconventional layout when it comes to showing off the products, its as if your looking at clothes laid out on the floor because of this and the use of empty space around the items it draws your eyes towards the products and theres nothing to distract you.

The product Interior is another great point of this site, the large background image showcasing the product allows you to get a good view of it while keeping the the unconventional layout.


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