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Inside Out Contracts

"Our website just blows the website out the water. It's so much easier to navigate and it just a cut above the rest".

Inside Out Contracts have been supplying & manufacturing commercial hospitality furniture since 1999. They have an extensive online range of high quality contract furniture for hotels and restaurants. Lisa Cluer and her team needed a new site to reflect the business in the modern day, the old site was dated, was not responsive and didn't represent the brand image. It was about improving the brand aesthetics, brand perception as well as improving functionality from the digital side. We improved the stats and figures through UX, UI, Design and Development and target audience research which led to an increase in traffic, google rankings and the number of enquiries.


Lisa Cluer.
Managing Director.

"Our website just blows competitors out the water. It's so much easier to navigate than before, and is a cut above the rest.

We most like working with Shape because the team are very friendly, very responsive and they're great value for money."

Insideout Laptop 2
Insideout Laptop 3

Content Migration

Inside Out Contracts have thousands of products and needed to seamlessly carry across existing data from the old site. MadeByShape were able to import product images, titles, descriptions, meta data which saved a lot of stress for the Inside Out Contracts Team in London. This project was completed from start to finish in 8 weeks.

Insideout Ipad 2

Emily Schweitzer.
Marketing Manager.

"It was never a problem that Shape are based in Manchester and we're based in London, we meet with the team quite regularly as they have a lot of clients in London. If I went back in time, I would definitely choose Shape again and I wouldn't bother with anyone else.

I think everybody should go with Shape because it's very personable and the team are always on hand to support you. It's a full service as well, they build, they do design and they give SEO support packages as well, so for us it's a long term relationship with Shape. Website is very important to us as a business, 70% of our marketing is dedicated to the website and all of our clients do come through the website so it is the be all and end all for us.

One of the deciding factors when we chose Shape was that they could stick to our deadline, which they did and they pulled through and we got it all done in 8 weeks which is very, very tight for a website of our size."

Let's make something great together.
Let's make something great together.

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