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Alliance City Living

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A website that needed to do more than just show properties available to rent, it needed to offer more to prospective residents.

Having worked with Alliance Investments on their new site, we were commissioned to do the website for a brand-new business within the same group – Alliance City Living. Focused on the lettings and property management of all the residential stock sold by Alliance Investments, this site needed to cut through a market dominated by Rightmove and well-known high-street agents.

The brief

The brief for this project was simple, ‘Make it look slick’. The client wanted to be able to get across the luxury standard of finish within the apartments in a way that made people feel they could touch the properties via the website – ‘not just another listings site’, were the words.

Similar to Alliance Investments, the majority of marketing done by Alliance City Living is online, so the site had to be a centralised hub for all the traffic to be pointed at. The pages of the site needed to be functional but look sophisticated. The other driver for the client was this desire to offer visitors more than just properties to choose from and nice pictures to look at, one of their key messages. So we needed to create a section of the site that was all about lifestyle – from tips on where to go running, to the best networking events for young professionals – for them it is all about enriching the living experience of their customers.

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The approach

All the references we looked at were 5* boutique hotels and luxury high end lifestyle brands. (Rightmove didn’t get a look in – apart from to confirm we didn’t want anything like that).

Imagery was another key component of this site – as designers we were really able to help with this, and we steered the client in terms of the kind of photography they needed to bring the site and their products to life.

The result

What has come out of this project is a site that has property lettings and management at its core, but ultimately, it’s a lifestyle site – with rich and relevant content for the target market. In the words of the client when the site launched, ‘For everyday renters there is Rightmove, for everyone else there is Alliance City Living.’

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“Shape have helped us create and establish our brand new branded website - Andy and all the team have been amazing, no such thing as can't do and happy to put the extra work in to see deadlines get across the line!”
Rowan Moore, Alliance City Living