We feel that a studio environment, a live atmosphere helps develop that individual. We like to offer select places throughout the year to standout candidates who are looking to learn and develop their skills in a digital agency in Manchester.

Work Experience is just as important as University in our eyes. You can only learn certain skills within a studio environment and surrounded by active briefs and constant client engagement.

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There's just certain aspects of the industry you can't solely learn from University.

For example; Time Management is completely different. At Uni you might get 12 weeks to complete a project, but in the real world you might only have 1 week to finish the job. Within this time you might also have minor tweaks, emails to deal with, and clients to manage.

Speaking to clients, managing their expectations and listening to feedback is all vital too. That's why we offer all our work placements on the basis that you WILL be working on live projects and getting stuck in, rather than just answering the phone and making tea and coffee for guests.

What's good about doing a work placement at MadeByShape?

We've been in your shoes. All of us have been to University, we've experienced work placements. Andy and Jason were University Lecturers for 8 years so they understand the importance of work placements within the creative and digital sector.

We are here to help, we can't hold your hand all day but the process is a learning curve and we will down as much advice and knowledge as we can to make the placement as worthwhile as possible. Some of the areas we'd help you improve in are:

    • Time Management
    • Project Management
    • Web Design ( including Wireframes, UX, UI )
    • Web Development ( Front End, Back End, Responsive, CMS )
    • Client Management
    • Digital Marketing
    • Business Development
    • Social Strategy
    • Branding
    • Content Creation

If you're interested...

It's worth checking out our article on How to get work experience at a web design agency - this will give you simple pain points, and easily avoidable mistakes that are common in our submissions.

You can also check out an article showing you what work experience involves here at our web design agency.

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