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Are you looking to work on various projects for a range of different clients?

We don't have an in-house Photographer. We like to pick the right person for the right job, as and when it comes in. If a client needs photography for their website or content creation for social media, we are in a position to recommend Photographers that are convenient based on Location and Portfolio or if a particular style of photography would suit the style of the project and aligns with the brand

Communication is key.

We will project a project brief including references and explanations of what needs to be. Communication is vital between MadeByShape and the Photographer so that everybody is clear on the project detail, and what needs to be done. It doesn't matter if you're not based in Manchester, we are willing to work with any Photography if the talent, desire and price suit the clients needs.

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We look to create a directory of Freelance Photographers who we can call upon when needed. Our websites are in different sectors and therefore have different needs. Add into the equation, taste, and the fact that every client has a different brand appearance and ethos. So we are looking specialists in the following areas:

So we are looking specialists in the following areas:

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