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We love illustration, and we love collaboration.

Not every client likes or needs Illustration. So we like to work with Freelance Illustrators on a 'paid per project' basis.


Fire over your portfolio link if you'd like to work on future projects. We don't mind where you are in the world as long as you're good at communicating through every project.

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What we like to see...

Our projects vary, our clients vary, we don't just work in a particular sector consistently. So we like to have a range of Illustrators in our directory who have the same approach. We understand different Illustrators have different styles and techniques, this is great, it allows us to offer a specific style to a client it would fit for. When we pitch Illustration as part of the digital project, we want to show references and styles we think would suit their project - so the more Freelance Illustrators we know of, the easier it is to showcase a direction to the client.

In terms of portfolio, we don't mind if it's a website, an instagram account, a pdf or attachments in an email. We just want to see your style and what you're available to offer. It's handy to know what the day rate is, and what we expect to get within that timeframe. For example; you may have a more expensive day rate, but get more done within that day.

You can work at a desk in our studio just outside of Manchester, or work from home. We don't mind.

We will provide direction and research included in the brief.

We will provide client background and brand ethos documentation.

We are based in Manchester but as long as you're communication is good, we don't mind where you are in the world

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