Craft CMS

Craft CMS is our choice of content management system (CMS), that puts you in control of your content & layout.

We don’t like putting restrictions on what you can do with your own website, this is why we chose Craft CMS to put you in full control. Allowing you to update your website quicker than most other commercial CMS platforms. Meaning you can spend more time focussing on other parts of your business.

Flexible Content

By using Craft CMS features such as Matrix - You can be in control of your content. You can choose whether that image should be above or below the paragraphs. Don’t like that arrangement a few months down the line? Then no problem, simply rearrange them by dragging and dropping. No deleting and re-entering of content needed.

Any Website, Any Integration

Unlike other CMS platforms, Craft CMS isn’t a tool for a specific website and it’s content. Meaning it can be be tailored around your website, rather than the other way around. We can also integrate most 3rd Party API’s (E.g. MailChimp, Amazon S3, Shopify etc) or if it doesn’t exist we can build a bespoke plugin for you.

Just some of the features

Craft Cms Feature 1
Live Preview

Whilst you're creating your page, blog post etc, you will be able to see how this looks to your visitors using the Live Preview feature.

Craft Cms Feature 2
Responsive Control Panel

Update your website from anywhere, on any device. The control panel is responsive which means it will make updating your website from your mobile a breeze.

Craft Cms Feature 3
Multiple Languages

Don't just limit your content to English speaking visitors - How about making it easier to read for the French, German or Swiss.


Websites launched using Craft CMS


Websites using Craft Commerce to sell products


Bespoke Plugins & 3rd Party Integrations

Support & Maintenance

Once your website is live - We won't just leave you there. We offer one-to-one training or videos so you know the in's and out's of Craft CMS. As well as offering support plans to keep your website up to date, and running smoothly.

Craft Commerce

Craft CMS isn't just a CMS - It can also become a powerful eCommerce platform using Craft Commerce. Allowing you to sell and promote your products, track sales and orders, update your pages or blog posts from the same Craft CMS platform.

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