To create an engaging brand identity for a straight-talking marketing agency.

co&co executes real results to businesses that don't have the resources, time, knowledge, and expertise to carry out a successful marketing strategy with a measurable return. We were approached by co&co to create their brand identity which would become a standout feature for their business. Above all, co&co needed to be direct, up-beat, and approachable.

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Strong, Focused & Fluff-free

The identity was designed to be strong, focused, and fluff-free, whilst maintaining a clean and minimal look and feel. The branding was created to be copy led, enabling personality to shine through with a no-frills, witty, no bullsh*t approach. Just how we like it.

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Straight-talking Marketing. Straight-forward results.

The creation of personality-driven, refreshingly honest copy speaks directly to the consumer which is a standout feature amongst competitors. By injecting a contemporary colour scheme, this added elements of personality to the brand without overpowering it.

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