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3D Illustration, Brand Direction, Tone of Voice, and Web Design & Development for Linkbuilder; an SEO link-building specialist based in the UK.

Linkbuilder is an expert link-building company that offers custom and creative services to increase your website’s SEO performance by building high-quality backlinks. Their focus is on building white hat links for ambitious brands & agencies for clients across the globe.

Bespoke Website is an established brand that is equally professional and human. Functioning in the digital world, it was imperative an up-to-date and functional website was needed, being an invaluable part of their online presence. It was important to convey a human side to the Linkbuilder website whilst instilling trust in the services they provide, with a playful touch.

Linkbuilder after
Linkbuilder before
Linkbuilder after
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Bespoke Character Illustrations

Linkbuilder is passionate about their work, whilst also being fun and relaxed, with a humourous side. We created a set of 3D Illustrations to represent the culture and human side of Linkbuilder, which in turn guarantees transparency, quality, and professionalism.

Illustration 1
Illustration 4
Illustration 15
Illustration 5
Illustration 16

Brand Direction

Linkbuilder also wanted to refresh their brand, finding a balance between being professional and having a playful aspect to their design to reinforce personality. To do this we chose to use a playful, minimal sans-serif font with a bold and confident tone of voice, coupled with a distinctive colour palette that has a subtle nod to their previous branding.

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