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Key Insights: Web Design Agency Statistics and Trends

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Updated on 15 Mar 2024

With all the restrictions and safety measures in place from the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses had to get creative to stay afloat. Suddenly, the local bakery or clothing shop wasn't just around the corner; they were right there on your laptop or phone screen, beckoning you to shop and support them online.

Brand websites became primary avenues for businesses to connect with their customers, promote their products or services, and facilitate online transactions. People still craved that connection with their favourite brands and businesses, even from the comfort of their own couch. This digital transition underscored the importance of having a well-established online presence, as it allowed businesses to remain accessible and relevant even in challenging times.

Many businesses jumped on the trend and made an effort to build an online presence. This pattern isn’t likely to change, which is why there has been major growth in businesses investing in their brand website. If you’re still on the fence about taking your business online, it might be time to give your brand the digital presence it needs to stay competitive in this marketplace.

Let’s talk about web design agencieswhat they do and how you can go about choosing one. Agencies are able to provide you with all the tools you need to take your brand to the next level. They help businesses and individuals create and maintain their websites, making sure everything is functional and looks slick. From designing the layout and graphics to SEO strategies that will make sure your site pops up on those Google searches, they've got you covered. These statistics will provide insight into the industry of web design agencies.

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There are Currently Over 2.7 million Websites Active in the UK.

As of now, the digital space in the UK is buzzing with activity, with a large number of over 2.7 million active websites in the country. This not only shows the intense competition brand’s are facing daily within the online sphere but stresses the need for businesses to have a strong and compelling online presence.

With the ever-expanding digital landscape, it's becoming increasingly crucial for companies to prioritise their website design, its user experience and functionality to stand out in this crowded market and engage effectively with their target audience.

There are 2,041 Professional Web Design Agencies Currently Operating.

How many web design agencies are there in the UK? There are 2,041 web design agencies that are currently operating in the UK.

This number continues to grow, which is proof of the increasing demand for well-crafted and visually appealing websites that cater to the diverse needs of businesses. As the digital sphere continues to evolve, these agencies play a major role in helping brands to gain a strong online presence that is user-friendly, sustainable, and also looks visually, really cool. Ultimately the aim is to drive business growth through their expertise and innovative design solutions. The method for how this is achieved varies depending on the agency you choose. Be sure to check out any previous work they’ve done for clients and see if they offer the services you are looking for.

The UK’s Web Design Industry Revenue has Grown at a CAGR of 0.2% Over the Past Five Years, and Has Reached £621.3 million in 2023.

Despite the challenging market conditions we’ve seen across the past five years, the UK's web design industry has done pretty well, achieving a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 0.2% over time. This steady growth trajectory has led to an impressive revenue milestone of £621.3 million in 2023. The consistent upward trend reflects the increasing recognition among businesses of the pivotal role that effective web design plays in thriving in the digital world. This need to have a mega digital presence that speaks to consumer desires with meaning has been the source of sustaining relevance in the competitive online landscape.

There has Been a 62.6% Rise in Demand for Web Development Since 2020.

We’ve already told you the main reason why our industry has seen major growth. Yes, the pandemic was in full swing and businesses didn’t know what to do. You might notice that pre-pandemic, many websites were used as a brochure for the brand and didn’t have the capacity for online sales (eCommerce) or customer communication channels like we see today.

Websites aren't just about looking good anymore; they're your main tool for reaching out to customers and getting your brand out there. You can’t just wing it. You need expertise and branding support from a bespoke, professional, and trustworthy agency. The process behind building and designing a website is harder than you think.

33% of Small to Midsize Businesses (SMBs) Moved Online For the First Time During the Pandemic.

Having your own space on the internet isn't just for the big players anymore. You might be a small business but what’s wrong with having a 24/7 store that customers can pop into whenever they want? It's all about building trust and giving your business that extra boost it needs!

There are web design agencies, like Shape, that cater for all business types, big or small. Not only is there a demand for websites, there’s a demand for agencies that can take action and create this vision for brands.

In a recent study by vcita (a company that specialises in small business management software), it was revealed that 33% of SMBs began providing online services for the first time during the pandemic. 69% underwent a digital transformation.

Around 60% of businesses surveyed said that online appointments make up half or more of their overall bookings. Another transition was offering appointments by phone or online and 83% of businesses said this method proved to be the most effective for securing client bookings.

Even if you're hesitant about moving your business online, it's essential to understand that others in your field are likely to embrace this transformation. Utilising a website to improve your accessibility will be critical for establishing a strong presence in an evolving market. Have a look at the best branding agencies for small businesses.

WordPress is the Most Popular CMS (At the Moment …)

WordPress is used by 41.3% of websites whilst Craft CMS has a market share of only 0.2%. Although WordPress has a significantly larger user base and a broader market adoption, Craft CMS is considered to be a more niche and specialised platform. You’ll find many agencies use WordPress but we think Craft CMS is a better content management system (and we are working on showing people this!). When comparing WordPress with Craft CMS, one thing to consider is the risk of hacking is much lower with Craft CMS. In 2019, 90% of hacked websites were powered by WordPress. We think building an accessible website with Craft CMS will be a thing of the future.

With more than 13 years in the web design industry, we've witnessed the evolving significance of websites for brands. They now function as a crucial hub for online engagement, customer interaction, and seamless business transactions. This transformation has further underscored the need for businesses to consider reputable web design agencies like Shape, capable of translating their vision into a vibrant digital reality. This intensified competition emphasises the need for businesses to establish a compelling online presence to captivate audiences effectively. There’s a difference between big and small web design agencies so you will need to determine which one is the right fit for your brand.

At Shape, we have the ability to transform a startup into a thriving online and offline brand. Whether it's giving your existing website a fresh look or taking an already successful brand to new heights, we've got you covered. Our skilled and imaginative web design team collaborates closely with you to craft a site that mirrors your brand, speaks directly to your audience with personality and purpose, and works seamlessly across all the latest devices. If we sound like a perfect fit for you, take a look at the type of clients we want to work with.

The right web design agency can play a pivotal role in helping brands navigate this digital journey with confidence and expertise.

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