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Established in 2013, Gee Hair is a forward-thinking hair brand that has evolved from traditional clip-in hair extensions to introducing superior designs that solve current problems.

They needed to work with an agile agency who could offer a range of digital expertise from Web Development to understanding of SEO. Gee Hair has been embraced by famous faces, magazines, awards & leading professionals within the hair & beauty industry. Based in the UK, Gee Hair now ship worldwide everyday to every country, and includes features like PayPal Credit, Colour Match, Product Variations, and integrated videos.
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Giving the user what they want.

It's important to understand who the target audience is, and what content they want to see on a website. Gee Hair understands their audience very well, but with our experience in UI and UX we were able to make changes to improve the online environment. For example, showing before and after shots of the original hair, and then what each product can do visually to volume and length. This instantly enables the customer to recognise which product they like based on results, rather than just product names and titles.

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