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A leading online hair academy

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An online hair academy allowing users to undertake online courses and purchase products

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Anna Eshwood came to MadeByShape with a few issues. It was difficult for her to update the content of her old website, there were functionality issues with the site which thereafter caused problems with customers and potential sales, and it wasn't responsive to the latest devices.

Anna Eshwood
16 Weeks
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Integrating YouTube and Vimeo

Vimeo and YouTube are powerful tools and help reduce page speed / loading times on site. We integrated tutorial videos throughout the site with ease, so the client can be simply insert the video number and the website does the rest. This saves the client hassle, time and stress - so when it comes to adding new video content in the future, it's a 2 minute job.

Craft CMS

Become the next best hairdresser

Anna has a specific way of working and she has a big following in Russia and the UK. To get her techniques across, she needed a website that offered the functionality for customers to buy a course and go through step-by-step watching tutorial videos and taking an exam at the end to see if they pass. This is all logged in their online account and securely stored in Craft CMS.

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