A brand is what you and your customers see at the forefront of your services. The value of your brand is a vital component to your current and future success.

It's not only the awareness that matters, it's the credibility and positive feeling your customers have towards your brand. A well considered brand design that is both visually appealing and carefully thought out makes your business unique, giving you a competitive advantage, something that can't be sniffed at in the current climate.

Consistency is vital in creating a strong brand. Your branding has to be consistent across all your marketing, so working with one agency can guarantee excellent visuals.

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It's in the planning

We take a look at your existing business, what your competitors are doing, your industry and your target audience. A meeting between ourselves and you as the client focuses on expectations, future plans and how you want end users to perceive your brand. This is a discussion to make sure both parties understand each other and what needs to be achieved. Using this information, we go ahead and start the design process. We are minimalist designers so we like to create simple brands that have impact, no nonsense, no fuss.

Njorun Logo
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Not just a logo

Branding is not just logo design. Here at Shape we create an impression for your business that relates with your industry and target audience. Brand guidelines include logo, colour schemes, typeface choice, how to implement these within marketing and suggested ways of how to implement that brand consistently across all mediums.

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