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Confidential's was originally split up across 3 different websites - They wanted this to be merged in to one master website, but still have each region split up. Each new region (Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool and Body) needed to showcase their editorial work, as well as showcase the offers that were available. Manchester Confidential's also do a lot of promotional work for local businesses, so a way to promote local businesses was also needed. Performance and speed was also key to keeping visitors coming back.

Manchester Confidential
16 Weeks
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Web Design

Take an old website, and rebuild from scratch

We took advantage of Craft CMS multi-site feature, allowing us to house all regions under one domain and one central place to edit the content. Each region then got split up in to categories, allowing their editorial team to place categorise their content and optionally dual-publish across any region. To help promote the local businesses, we allowed ‘micro sites’ to be created within the Manchester Confidential's brand, allowing each local business to have their own set of mini pages within the site, which Confidential's could then use in promotions etc.


Mobile & Tablet Website Design

After much research in to their current readers, and looking into Analytics, the majority of people visiting the website read articles, tried to find places to visit in their city whilst on mobile devices. So it was important that the experience on mobile was simple to navigate and use.

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