Aaron Boothby

The MadeByShape team go through website wireframes

Let's start with an easy question, what's your favourite film?

Almost Famous.

You have an impressive moustache?

Yes I like to take care of my facial hair, my moustache comb is my most valued possession.

What do you like about working at Shape?

All the lads have fun, and enjoy what they do. We create great work together, using everybody's individual skills to produce some fine results for an array of clientele. I'm not a web developer, so it's great to work with lads who understand both design, development and how to display content. The work I create for clients can be used alone or within a website. So it's very important that the preparation, design of the site and build understands what content will be created and how it should be positioned online.

You're a videographer, right?

Yes. I love working up close and personal with my clients and being able to tell their story through film; it allows me to capture the moments that often go unnoticed and share them with the world.

Whats your favourite food?

Cake. Absolutely Delicious.

Favourite Film : Almost Famous Favourite Typeface : Futura Favourite Shape : Triangle Dislikes : Marshmallows

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