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GoPro App : Review

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Caution! This article is 8 years old, and our opinions may have changed.

Preparing for this years adventure of scuba diving in the deep blue sea I thought back to the last time and how the only recorded moments I have are a few blurry pictures the ‘professional’ photographer had taken and thought instead of leaving it to someone else why not buy my own camera so I can take my own underwater selfies.

And this is where the GoPro App comes in, no this isn’t a review on the GoPro Itself even though there is a lot to talk about but on the companion app that works amazingly well beside it.

Now picture this, your going on holiday wanting to view and edit your photos/videos from a camera with buttons more complicated then they need to be and a screen too small to perfectly see even pixel your camera has captured(Note: Not all GoPro’s have a screen built in) what do you do? bring your laptop and editing software with you and sit in your room wasting the precious sunlight? No you download the GoPro App and get started, all you need is your phone and GoPro and your all set, the GoPro has a built in WIFI so from your GoPro you set it up and connect to the wifi on your phone and your instantly linked.

Camera Control -

From the App you have total control over every video/photo setting and mode available this becomes extremely handy when you have no idea what your GoPro currently has in frame. The general idea with GoPro’s being that it has such a wide angle view that your bound to capture everything you want.

Having the ability to control the camera also gives you the option to wirelessly take photos as you can see on your smartphone what your cameras currently pointing at and then you can take the picture when ready.

Media -

Another of the more useful features of the app being that you can view everything stored within the memory card, be that any video or pictures you have taken. Obviously this is a very basic feature but when you don’t have a computer handy to plug your memory card in it becomes a godsend. Not only can you view your photos and videos remotely theres also the option to edit your videos, trimming them down before you share them. Being able to delete unwanted photos with ease using the app is a bonus as the GoPro Controls can get tricky.


This is a must have for every GoPro User, and if your not a GoPro User go buy one, even if its just to be able to use the app.

And for posteritie's sake here's a selfie.